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Come and have the most fun you’ll ever have on the mountain and try one of our Ski Bikes. It’s incredibly easy to learn and our professional Skibike trainer will teach you all you need to know. Within 60 minutes, you’ll be exploring the mountain for yourself on one of our lightweight Brenter C4 & Downhill Ski Bikes.

No falling over or exhausting lessons, this Snow Sport has the shortest learning time possible we guarantee to make sure you get the most from your Skibike experience. We are committed to getting you where you belong… Up on the mountain, not skiing the same Nursery slope over and over!!!

Due to the stability of the sitting position there is almost no pressure on your legs, knees or ankles. This makes Ski Biking ideal for anyone who has bad joints or has undergone knee or ankle surgery.

Once you have mastered the basics you will find yourself confidently skiing blue and red runs with off piste and black runs easily attainable by the end of your first week.

Our Ski Bike’s patented design makes them light weight, portable, easy to use and extremely fun to ride!

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Ski meets Snowbike

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Ski and Snowbike (Skibob, Skibike) togehter on on slope. A Snowbiker has the same riding rythm than a skier so they perform excelment on the same slope. Skier: Florain Schwarzenbacher, Snowbiker: Harald Brenter,... READ MORE